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Seiran Chiba  – Japanese Calligrapher


Hello, my name is Seiran Chiba [千葉清藍].

I’m a  calligraphy artist from Fukushima, Japan.

This is where there was a nuclear reactor accident caused by tsunami in March 2011.

I have been teaching calligraphy to adults and children living in temporary housing that still remains  5years after the tsunami. Through calligraphy, I teach them the importance of expressing one’s feelings and opinions. I am fortunate to travel all over Japan with my calligraphy brush to tell people of the beauty and strength that Fukushima still has.

I believe that my art has helped revive Fukushima.


2013.8 on   Large-scale calligraphy demonstrations, exhibitions and workshops in the U.S.A.:

                           Consulate General of Japan at Chicago (JIC – Japan Information Center)

                           Japan House at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL.

                           Anderson Japanese Gardens, Rockford, IL.

                           Missouri Botanical Gardens in Saint. Louis, MO.

2013.3 on   One of the fifty people selected for “Tomorrow’s Japan” in French magazine,Zoom Japon

2013.1 on   Designation as Attaka Fukushima Tourism Ambassador

2012.2 on   Workshops for evacuees of the Fukushima nuclear disaster

2011.3        East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

2010.5 ~ 2011.11     “Calligraphy Tour” in Fukushima

2009.9       Solo exhibit in Fukushima

2000.4       Move to Fukushima prefecture

1990.4       Calligraphy in Tokyo